Investment Strategy

Geminus Capital Partners seek to acquire middle-market manufacturing and service businesses with proven records of success. We are particularly interested in profitable companies with predictable and sustainable cash flows. Companies with leading competitive positions in their industry, as well as those in high growth industries are most desirable.

We view our relationship with investors, proprietors, management and employees of target companies as a lifelong partnership. Our active involvement in the management and operation of acquired companies underscores Geminus' commitment to a building successful relationship..

Investment Criteria

At Geminus Capital, we meticulously evaluate each potential investment using a framework that we believe is the key to a successful partnership. Attractive investment opportunities will satisfy most of the following investment criteria:


  • Revenues of between $10 and $40 Million annually

  • EBITDA margins of at least 15%

  • Recurring revenue streams and consistent profitability

  • Strong balance sheet with limited debt

Industry Profile

  • Niche and growing industries within the manufacturing and service sectors

  • High degree of fragmentation

  • Minimal exposure to regulatory and environmental liabilities

  • Limited cyclicality of revenues, products, labor or technology


  • Owners or senior management willing to exit the business

  • Strong, stable and experienced middle management team willing to stay

  • Solid employee relations, with high retention rates

Company Profile

  • Respectable leadership or growth position within its industry

  • Loyal and diverse customer base

  • Recurring revenue stream, with at least 4 years of continuous profitability

  • Low capital expenditure requirements


  • Throughout the United States, with a particular focus on the East coast.