Mission Statement

Geminus Capital Partners seeks to acquire, actively operate, and grow medium-sized businesses through the infusion of growth capital as well as management talent.


At Geminus Capital Partners, we create exceptional value for our customers, employees and investors by building relationships that form the cornerstone for top and bottom-line growth. Our approach to private equity investing is unique in that we take active management roles in the companies we acquire, and ensure their long-term sustainable growth.

We primarily target U.S. based, profitable and growing companies, with annual revenues between $10 and $40 million.

Our Values

At Geminus Capital Partners, we are committed to the highest standards of integrity, commitment and partnership in all of our business dealings.

  • Integrity:

    Creating a business environment that emphasizes honesty, fairness and respect.

  • Commitment:

    Having the Utmost dedication to the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders above all else.

  • Partnership:

    Ensuring collaborative working relationships that foster trust, hard work and open communication.

Working with Geminus Capital, sellers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proven Management:

    By assuming key executive roles in the company, we bring leadership and management experience critical to a smooth transition.

  • Flexible Deal Structure:

    We structure our acquisitions taking into consideration estate planning, tax implications and lifestyle decisions of the sellers. Including our committed capital, we have substantial access to liquidity through our investors and banking relationships. With no investment committee to report to, we have the flexibility to close transactions quickly, upon completion of due diligence.

  • Employee Focus:

    We understand that employees are the most valuable assets to our portfolio companies, and recognize their significant contribution to the companies' success. We therefore strive to create an open, supportive working environment that is dedicated to excellence at our portfolio companies during and after the ownership transition.